Learning strategies play a crucial role in harnessing the true power of Generative AI. It is not just about implementing the technology; it is about fostering a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation. At the same time educating your workforce on the challenges and risk that come with using Generative AI tools. In this panel discussion we dive into these topics with real world examples.


Jacqueline has a background in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in the areas of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Decision Support from Stellenbosch University. She also studied Deep Learning and Data Mining during a semester abroad at the Technical University of Munich. After years working on using data-driven insights to guide decision making and various other business ventures, Jacqueline started her career in Data Science at Cape AI, where she would later become part of the founding team of the spin-off Autoscriber. In collaboration with Leiden University Medical Centre, the company uses the latest speech recognition and NLP technologies (including generative AI) to automate clinical note taking for healthcare professionals. Autoscriber has its headquarters at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and also has a development office at Innovation City in Cape Town, Zuid-Afrika.

Gerard Schouten


Mariana was born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine, and moved to the Netherlands 2010 to continue her education. Mariana enrolled in a program called PDEng Mathematics for Industry. After completing the program in 2012, she joined Vanderlande, where she has been working since then.

Initially, her role at Vanderlande was Controls Development Engineer. In this position, she focused on the development of a 3D bin packing software that enables automation within warehouses. Her responsibilities included designing algorithms, making improvements to the software, and interacting with customers to understand their needs and ensure their satisfaction.

In 2019, Mariana’s role at Vanderlande has evolved into a Technology Owner within the Innovate department. Her focus is AI and its applications in planning optimization, human decision support, and other related areas. She actively collaborates with various internal and external stakeholders to identify and align current and future technological opportunities with the needs of the organization.

"One aspect of my work that brings me huge satisfaction is exploring the possibilities of AI and demonstrating its value, as well as the risks associated with its implementation."

Mariana Goldak Altgassen


Erdinç Saçan is a lecturer and researcher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT. He is an expert in educational technology, inclusive artificial intelligent and generative AI. Saçan writes books, blogs and articles on current technological developments and education.

Erdinç Saçan

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