In the EAISI research track, TU/e-researchers and partners will present their latest findings, specifically around the theme of human-centered AI. Because, not coincidentally, EAISI specifically leverages the university's expertise in Human-Computer Interaction and Ethics as a core competence, aside of Data Science and Engineering Systems. Please join the discussions and get to know in detail what is happening in the center of Brainport’s AI research.

In 2019, Eindhoven University of Technology decided to give an impulse to its ambitions in the field of Artificial Intelligence by launching the Eindhoven AI Systems Institute. EAISI serves as an accelerator and facilitator for researching and developing practical AI solutions in the fields of mobility, health, and high-tech systems.

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Morning program (11:20 - 13:00h)

Carlo van de Weijer, General Manager of EAISI
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Pain and stress management using smart connected systems of Social Robots and Wearables

Emilia Barakova, Assistant Professor department Industrial Design, Future Everyday TU/e
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Systems that care about what we care about: Companies and the Value Alignment Challenge
Diego Morales Perez, PhD Philosophy & Ethics (IE&IS)
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Human decision-making in production planning systems: How do superior information and systematic bias impact performance?
Maryam Azani, PhD Operations Planning, Accounting & Control (IE&IS)
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Attitudes towards (AI) Augmented Decision-Making at work; an Exploration and Qualitative Validation of Experiential Components
Kees Maton, PhD Human Performance Management (IE&IS)
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Governance with AI: Shaping sustainable futures and decision making

Frauke Behrendt, Associate Professor department IE&IS, Technology, Innovation & Society
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User-centered design to empower cognitive well-being
Maurits Overmans, Co-founder & CEO at Aristotle Technologies
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Afternoon program (14:00 - 16:00h)

AI and energy justice
Merel Noorman, Assistant Professor AI, Robotics and STS, Tilburg University
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Values in Counterfactual Explanations
Emily Sullivan, Assistant Professor Philosophy & Ethics, TU/e
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Research talk
René van de Molengraft, Associate Professor department Mechanical Engineering, TU/e
Ton Peijnenburg, Fellow TU/e & Manager Systems Engineering, VDL-ETG

Create impact with trustworthy AI - The case of assessing biodiversity
Gerard Schouten, Leading lector at Knowledge Center Applied AI for Society, Fontys
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Walk in, Expo & Networking
Plenary opening
Carlo van de Weijer - EAISI
Jolanda ter maten - Moderator
Round table conversation,
Susan Hommerson, Policy Officer
research at TU/e

EU AI Act | The impact of AI governance
Wijnand IJsselsteijn - Full Professor department
IE&IS - Cognition and Affect in Human Technology
Coffee break





  Parallel tracks: research, expert,
  adoption and startup
  Lunch break
  Parallel tracks: research, expert,
  adoption and startup
  Central closing
  Koert van Mensvoort - Creative Director
  of next nature Network
  Carlo van de Weijer - General Manager
  of EAISI
  Exposition, networking & drinks