Startups accelerate the transforming of traditional business models in a wide variety of industries. In this track, we will present the Data Accelleration Program (DAP) for Data/AI Startup a support program being develop for DATA/AI startups. We will also dive into the challanges financing and scaling the DATA/AI propositions. Strategical and practical elements will be discussed. 

In the morning program we bring multiple speakers who will discuss real-world stories and startup experiences in the field of DATA/AI.

ai summit brainport research track

Morning program (11:15 - 12:45h | AI innovation center)

Opening & Data Acceleration Program
Job Nijs, Director - Braventure

Duo talk on Finance
Thomas Hannes, Investment Manager - LUMO Labs
Robin Franken, Investment Manager Softtech - BOM Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij

Duo talk on Data challenges
Jörgen Sandig, AI/Machine Learning specialized business consultancy
Berry Langerak, CTO  - Tilaa

Duo talk on Strategy and challenges in Scaling up
Bart Lauwen, Founder - Knowingo
Mehrdad Seirafi, Tech lead & Co-founder - Alpha Brain Technologies

ai summit brainport research track

Afternoon program (13:45 - 15:15h | AI innovation center)

The afternoon of the startup-track will be an interactive session. AI Startups & Scale-ups will have the chance to exchange experience and knowledge via round tables. An enthusiastic team of moderators is ready to steer conversations on the themes of data, finance, talent, upscaling and internationalization. After the opening of the session, participants can choose one of the themes. During the round table, participants will be encouraged to reflect on common bottlenecks followed by an invitation to share insights and tips with each other. We will end with a plenary recap of the most insightful findings. There is a lot of expertise and knowledge amongst us so let’s share and learn from each other peer to peer!

Opening and closing
Anita Lieverdink & Annekaat van Welsem (NL AIC startups & scale-ups)

Frederique Zonnevylle (ROM Utrecht region), Joël Dori (Startup Amsterdam),
Koen de Jong (Supplai), Irina Kulizhnikova (the Gate), Thomas Hannes (Lumo Labs)
Jörgen Sandig (AI/Machine Learning specialized business consultancy)

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